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Russia's foreign policy in the 3rd Putin's presidency




V. A. Putin’s election as a president for the third time in 2012 made Russia’s foreign policy trajectories more attractive for many policymakers. During the eight years of presidency of V.A. Putin and four years when he was acting Prime Minister of Russian Federation, he was the author of multifaceted reforms which enabled Russia to become regional hegemony in the Eurasia Zone and made the federation one of the most powerful political and economic figures in the global scene. Three sources, namely the newspapers of “Moskovskiy Komsomolest”  and “Kommersant”, and the Decree signed by V.A. Putin himself which gives order to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation to create new Foreign Policy Doctrine, provides major information about future foreign policy plans of Russia. It can be seen from these documents that Russia does not want to oppose with USA in international relations, at the same time will not allow the States to establish monopolar global system. Moreover, Russia will give importance to the relations with developing Asian countries, such as China, India. Additionally, Putin supports regional integration and seems to be in favor of close ties with organizations like EU, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and CIS.  
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