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The disputes concerning the Busher Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) constructed by Russia can’t become quite. A new claim is put forward in connection with the Busher NPP, which construction has occupied the world agenda for a long time. On January 17 Britain’s The Telegraph claimed that a virus named “Stukhnet” injured seriously the electronic security
The General Secretary of NATO Andres Fog Rasmussen met with the Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili in Brussels on March 25. The relations between the parties were discussed in the meeting. In the statement given after the discussion Rasmussen emphasized that the Georgian policy of NATO didn’t change and they supported the efforts of the official
S-300 problem between Russia and Iran is going on. In spite of all insistence of Iran Russia doesn’t deliver S-300 to this country. Uncertainty in the positions of the parties in regard to the matter is continuing. However, Russia before explaining the problem just by technical reasons, has now added among the reasons a possibility
The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt made a visit to Moscow on March 9. He conducted the discussion for the development of the relations between two countries with Russian president Dmitri Medvedev and the Russian colleague Vladimir Putin in Moscow. In that visit of Reinfeldt made after ten years interval, the officials of two countries
www.araztm.orgMaking visit to Iran Armenia’s former president Robert Kocharyan conducted the meetings with the president of this country Mahmud Ahmadinejad and other officials. At the official site of the presidential machinery of the IRI spreading the information on this it is said that the parties has stated satisfaction at “the development of the friendly relations.”Ahmadinejad
The national factors in the Iranian revolutionwww.araztm.orgA country named Iran consists of the territories of many nations. A historical territory of a country officially named “Iran” from the period of Reza shah Pahlavi had been under Turkish races and dynasties’ sway for a long time. Though a Persian tribe the Zandies had ruled on those The international research center functioning in the United States of America, named Pugwash spread the information on January 30, about conducting of the USA and Iranian authorities a secret meeting four times in 2008. Although these meeting were unofficial, they had kept in secret. A secretary-general of the organization Paulo Cato Ramoisino met with the The Georgian parliament has confirmed an amendment to act implied a prolongation of the term fixed for repatriation of Ahiska Turks. According to the new law, Ahiska Turks wished to return back to the historical homeland, can apply by July 1, 2009. A deputy chief of the Juridical Committee of the parliament Akaki Minashvili has 261 Azerbaijani students studied in the Iranian universities have spread a joint statement. According to the information of “Media forum” web-site, it has been proclaimed in the statement a protest to pressure against the authors and intellectuals waged a peaceful struggle for national identity. In the statement, claiming a stop to arrest, torture, exile and December 23, the Secretary General of the Arabian Countries Union Organization Amr Musa had been talking of importance for the Arabian countries of joining to the discussion led between Iran and the Western, implying to necessity of establishing discussion between the Arabian countries and Iran. He stated that the Arabian countries should participate in