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In the historical course of Azerbaijan, Russia has always been perceived as an invader, while Russia considered Azerbaijan as both an opportunity and a threat – an opportunity in the sense that it is a bridge in the region, and a threat as this can also be utilized by other states. As a small and
The question of ratification of the protocols on the normalization of the relations with Armenia by the Turkish Parliament will largely depend on the position of the ruling “Justice and Development” party and its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Such an opinion in a conversation with a correspondent of “Caucasian Knot” expressed the Azeri expert-Turkologist, head By Araz Aslanli*IntroductionAlthough the Karabakh problem dates back earlier, it’s impact on the world agenda only started in conjunction with the Soviet Union’s disintegration process. The rise of nationalism in nearly every region of the Soviet Union and the Moscow administration’s loss of control over these regions, coupled with Armenia’s expansionist policy, meant that Caucasia