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(Summary)Araz Aslanli & Nabat Karakhanova(Caucasian Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies- QAFSAM)One of the bloodiest massacres of the 20th century in the region was carried out in the Khojaly town, which with the population of 7000, was strategically important as it had the only airport and railway line passing through the town in recent days, attack of USA to Iran again turned into the object of discussions in different spheres. Leading news agencies and TV channels gives information on this and sometimes disseminate confidential information. It is clear that, excuses and reasons for attacking to Iran are increasing every day. This either knowingly exaggerated or is a
Nuclear program of Iran and one of the main tension sources of the USA – Iran and the USA – Russia relations and Russia – Iran cooperation in this field at last caused to the establishment of the dissatisfaction in Russia – Azerbaijan relations. Event represented as the technical problem raised under information spread referring