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Are the Iran-Hamas relations deteriorating?


Speaking in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, Abumazrugh – the chief of the office of Hamas political leader Khaled Mashal, criticized the policy of Iran in regard to Syria and called to change that policy. Abumazrugh said that Iran should withdraw from the Assad regime and support the opposition. By the words of Abumazrugh, Iran isn’t accepted good in the Arab world. The position on Syria is causing Iran to be isolated from the Arab world, he stated.


Abumazrugh added that Iran wanted the Hamas leaders to support Assad during the Syrian crisis and to play a role for Assad in the crisis. But the Hamas leaders denied accepting this request. The negative approach of Hamas to that purpose of Iran has caused the relations between two parties to be chilly.


To note, some time ago Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon Qazanfar Ruknabadi admitted a difference of opinions between Hamas and Iran for the Syrian crisis. He said the relations between the parties were at high level in spite of this difference of opinions. To note, Abumazrugh also stated the relations between Iran and Hamas being normal behind the Syrian crisis. He also expressed gratitude to the leaders of this country for the military assistance to Hamas.