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Grigori Karasin: Abkhazia and South Ossetia is not topic of the Russian-Georgian dialogue
25.02.2013, Ethnic conflicts, Caucasus



The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Grigori Karasin disclosed his position about the future of Georgia-Russia relations. In the conference of Georgian and Russian politicians which was held on the 25th of February in Moscow, he claimed that Russia is interested in normalizing multifaceted relations between two countries. Karasin noted that mutual cooperation between political representatives and experts of the two countries plays very important role in the normalization of the relations between these countries. However, Russian diplomat stressed that Abkhaziya and Southern Osetia cannot be a subject to the dialog between Russia and Georgia, neither on state, nor on public level. Karasin said that this topic can be discussed only with Abkhazian and South Osetian representatives, and different approach to this issue is useless.


This statement made by Karasin can be considered a very good proof to the fact that the policy of official Moscow towards Georgia has not changed yet. It should be noted that after the war of 2008, Russia put a condition for official Tbilisi to accept the realities in the South Caucasus in order to normalize the mutual relations. This condition was also placed in the latest Russian Foreign Policy Doctrine. The President Saakashvili rejected this condition by noting that acceptation of this condition has the meaning that Georgia recognizes the occupation of its lands by Russia. However, the prime minister of Georgia who was elected on the 1st October Parliament elections of 2012 mainly promised to normalize the relations between two countries and then began to make some steps towards this goal. Although the latest declaration of Karasin shows that the normalizations of the relation between two countries will not be so easy.