Defense plan of Iran from USA attack: “Occupation of South”

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In recent days, attack of USA to Iran again turned into the object of discussions in different spheres. Leading news agencies and TV channels gives information on this and sometimes disseminate confidential information. It is clear that, excuses and reasons for attacking to Iran are increasing every day. This either knowingly exaggerated or is a percolation of policy realizing beyond the curtain.
According to the information by “Sandy Tams” Israel Security Bodies has obtained new information on nuclear programs of Iran and CBS channel of America comes into conclusion by translating cadres of meeting of Ahmadinejat in one of the nuclear centre of Iran and showing the fact of accompanying president by the Defense Minister of Iran that, notwithstanding peacemaking claims of Iran officials, accompanying of the President by the Minister of Defense of Iran makes doubtful these claims of Iran. At the end TV channels declares by elucidating some facts and even some pretexts in connection with preparing of USA soldiers to attack to Iran, USA addressed notification to Iran.  This channel notifies that, the second great public vessel of America entered into the Gulf and Pentagon instructed the soldiers to increase their opportunities in connection with the attack supposed to be against Iran referring to the minister of defense.
On the other hand, the Supreme Religious Leader of Iran, Ali Khameyni is in the voyage in the Fars province of Iran for some days. While the voyage, Khameyni was in the military journey and interested in the preparation level of the army. According to the information given by some sources, while the journey all military commanders and generals of high rank were called to Shiraz from every part of the country and have taken some tasks.  In recent days, military planes are flying from Bandarabbas and Tehran to Shiraz. As to the claims, these planes carry the military technology and high ranked soldiers to Shiraz.
The “Peykent” site concerning to the different branch and managed in foreign has called the journey of the Supreme Religious Leader to Shiraz “Military Training under the name of Meeting with People”. Site claims that, this journey has been carried out fully with military purposes and aims to form the second front and defense base for Bushehra in the Fars province. Site informs that, Leader held a conference with soldiers during this journey and as a result of this gave instructions with the purpose of creating alternatives of defense bases in Fars province (alternativeness of defense bases destroyed as a result of supposed USA attack). The Supreme Religious Leader also, has given his instructions on installation of mountings of rocket sending in this journey. As Shiraz city and generally, Fars province is a centre of Iran, also, its being nearest to the south and east than Tehran, it may be used as a stocking and central headquarter against the possible attacks of America from south and east. Some officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran have given statements on possible attacks of America in recent times. In the statements notifications are given to USA directly and informs that, Iran would turn into a bog for military forces of USA. Though such statements are political menaces, Islamic Republic has begun some military training with the purpose of protection from the supposed attack of USA to Iran.
According to some sources Iran officials made a military plan about it by name “Occupation of the South”. According to this plan in case the army can not stand in front of the attack if the territories have to be given taking out totally all the depots and other supply sources are annihilated, residential population overturn to undisciplined army, partisan wars begin. War is prolonged for a long term and the enemy is annihilated. Connected with it big ammunition depots are carried from the south to Shiraz (Persian region). The army makes new bases in the height of Persian region and in the places of strategically important. Alternative variants are chosen for every place and base. If war begins except the forces of arm and national army it would be used from the forces of residential population and Basijs. During Religious leader’s visit to Shiraz he held meetings with Ashayi and Basijs and promised to solve some of their problems.
As we see though the attack of USA to Iran has been actual for a long time this problem increased its actuality enough recently. It is supposed that Iran authority takes it into an account and begins to realize its protective plans openly.

Araz Aslanlı

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