History and founders

QAFSAM (Caucasian Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies) was founded  by on December 13th, 2006 by Araz Aslanli, Nazim Jafarov and Rizvan Ganbarov with a major mission to reinforce efforts towards the more sophisticated studies of Azerbaijan’s foreign and security policies and contribute to democracy and human rights application process and bring the media to the contemporary level.

This is our belief that significant amount of work can be done to achieve our goals by involving Azerbaijani youths, especially those with the western education background.

Our first activity was to prepare short reports on diverse dimensions of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy and ongoing process in various corners of the world. These reports have been submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, overseas embassies of Azerbaijan and other relevant government authorities and people by email. The reports were initially for 2006 and then we set up a report for the first three months of 2007.

As of 2007 summer, QAFSAM has launched an International Review effort-journal with a goal to promoting interest in Azeribaijani youth into foreign and security policy research.

There are Strategic Studies (SS), Media Studies, Democracy Development and Human Rights Studies Units within QAFSAM.