Armenia examines the old ones and Iran also the new versions

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Making visit to Iran Armenia’s former president Robert Kocharyan conducted the meetings with the president of this country Mahmud Ahmadinejad and other officials. At the official site of the presidential machinery of the IRI spreading the information on this it is said that the parties has stated satisfaction at “the development of the friendly relations.”
Ahmadinejad said that “the bilateral projects should be realized and at the same time we had to participate very actively in the processes taken place in the region.” And in his turn Kocharyan stated that the Armenian administration is interested in improvement and strengthening of the relations with Iran. The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Armenia Mkhitar Mnatsakanyan stated on January 21 that they will sign a very broad contract with Iran including social protection, insurance, labor, women and children, demographic problems, disabled and other fields. It is supposed that this broad contract will extend more the relations in the social-economical field. And another interesting point in regard to the regions is the opportunities of strengthening of the cooperation on natural gas between the IRI and Azerbaijan. To mention that especially since the middle of last year it has begun intensifying the efforts about strengthening of the cooperation in this direction between Russia and Iran. According to the information given to the newspaper “Tehran times” by the head of the National Gas Export Company of Iran Seyid Reza Kesayizade, it will be signed a long-tem agreement on transport of the Azerbaijani gas to Iran in the near future.
Georgia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs made a visit to Iran on January 18. All of these are happening at the stage that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation stated on January and in more evidently on January 21 their wishes of the process in connection with Iran’s nuclear problem to be continued at peaceful course. At the same time Russia also said about finishing within this year one of the big nuclear institutions of Iran.
Apparently the relations system in the region is gradually becoming complicated more. Armenia, not being aware completely how the relations with Turkey will be, tries to keep strongly the traditional Russia and Iran versions (last mutual high-level visits). But Iran tries to add as well as Azerbaijan and Georgia as possible to the traditional RF and Armenia course.
There are the different reasons of this. Especially it should be taken into consideration a motive role of the Western’s Israel’s plans in connection with Iran. But in the going process most of all the influence of the Turkey-Armenia reports, a view of the Western to Garabagh problem, as well as a level of the support to Georgia has had more importance. It is not completely clear that to which extent in particular Azerbaijan and Georgia, remaining in front of the regional threat, will be able to keep their superior position they have had till recent years. If at one hand a position of Georgia weakened by the known events of 2008, and on the other hand the changes at present in the Georgian-Russian relations demonstrate certainly the actual view. But yet it has being come the menace of the neighbors, and the promises from the Western.

Araz Aslanlı

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