“Russian spy apparition” goes round the world

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The Security Police, a special services body of Estonia, prepared a report about the mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar. According to the information given by Delfi, one of the biggest internet portals of the Baltic countries, the mayor of the capital is characterized in the report “as a Russian agent and a menace for Estonian security.” It is stated in the report that using the panders Savisaar has wanted 500 thousand Euros from Russia to increase its influence in Estonia. The Security policy states this money being spent for construction of the Russian church in Lasnamae, the greatest district of Tallinn. The Estonian special services have presented the report on this claim to the president, the prime minister and the minister of internal affairs. Despite of the report of the Estonian special services, it hasn’t been preferred an official charge about Edgar Savisaar yet. And the mayor of Tallinn himself hasn’t given any comment about this claim yet. And the Russian officials haven’t given any state in regard to this claim yet.
To mention that at the same time Edgar Savisaar is a leader of the opposition Centre party in the parliament. The Centre party having a great support among the Russian spoken people in Estonia is for the close relations with Russia. This party signed the cooperation contract with the ruling party in Russia “United Russia” in 2004. Also it should be mentioned that yet a few weeks ago the Estonian Prime minister Andrus Ansip has stated not cooperating with the Centre party. The councilor of the Prime Minister Arto Aas substantiated this position with not serving of Savisaar to the national interests of Estonia.
“Savisaar case” is not a first case about the activities of the Russian secret services in Estonia. At the beginning of 2009 it was put on the order of the agenda the information on getting of some secret documents of NATO by the Russian secret services by means of Herman Simm, the officer of the Estonian ministry of defense. In general lately the Russian secret services have begun to distinguish itself with the serious activities and scandals abroad. Among these activities it has taken a special place killing by assassination of the leaders of Chechnya resistance in the countries like Qatar and Turkey or the former agents in England turned traitor to the Russian secret services. To mention that in 2008 the English secret services Mi-6 stated the Russian secret services being more active in Europe than even the Soviet period, and for a reason of these activities characterized Russia the third menace for the Great Britain after Al-Qaeda and Iran. The names of the Russian spies are continued to be sound often in the tensions with the USA, England and Malaysia.

Araz Aslanlı

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