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Ankara’s Uyghur Statement and Relations with China

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Shanli Bahadir Koch


Strong statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey on China’s policies concerning Uyghur Turks received broad media coverage in the world. It is interesting to see whether the position of Ankara, which “refrained from perturbing” China for a long time, is changing or will change. If this happens, how will the Turkish-Chinese relations be affected?

It is not clear whether the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was discussed at relevant state bodies of Turkey by carefully taking into consideration its scale, consequences and possible reactions to it; or maybe, the statement was made a bit hastily after spreading of the news about death of an Uyghur musician, who was allegedly killed in prison. China’s practices concerning Uyghurs can be neither defended, nor overlooked. However, even if such statements are correct, they may have serious consequences on bilateral relations. So, was the need to make this statement influenced by news and commentaries on the Uyghur issue published in Western media, and was it a one-time-only statement that will not be maintained?…

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Shanlı Bahadır Koch

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