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Turkey’s Syria policy and US-Russia-US-Russia… cycle

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Turkey is hugely disappointed and even shockd by Russian conduct in İdlib. Last few weeks will leave a bitter taste in Ankara’s mouth. Prospects for Turkish-Russian “strategic partnership” is damaged considerably. Ties, mutual (albeit asymmetric) dependencies, summits and conversations will continue but those who dream an ever closer relationship had a rude awakening. Could it be  just a blip on the screen? Maybe. But the opposite is more likely. Moscow acted as if she sees Ankara as just another actor, reacted too harshly militarily and this will probably awaken the image of “Russia threat” in the minds of many Turks, probably including the AKP circles and almost certainly the Turkish military. Turkey maybe one or two more similar “incidents” from reviewing its S-400 decision. An alternative perspctive maybe this: Moscow is educating Ankara about “how to behave,” what is acceptable, what is possible, who is the boss etc.

Araz Aslanlı

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