Consequences of the 44-Day War and Recent Events in the Region

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QAFSAM and the Center for National Studies jointly organized a webinar entitled “Consequences of the 44-Day War and Recent Events in the Region”. The webinar was moderated by Ziya Kazimzadeh, a researcher of the Center for National Studies. Nazim Jafarsoy, Deputy Chairman of QAFSAM, and Fuad Chiragov, Deputy Director of South Caucasus Research Center, participated in the webinar.

Nazim Jafarsoy spoke about the results of the 44-day war and its effects on the region, and Fuad Chiragov spoke about the latest events in the region and its causes. At the end, experts were asked various questions about the topic and discussions were held.

During the webinar, Azerbaijan’s foreign policy after the 44-day war and recent events on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border were analyzed.

Araz Aslanlı

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