Significance of Relations Between the US and North Korea in the International Order

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One of the factors affecting the security dilemma in international relations, including interstate relations on a global scale, is nuclear weapons. This mechanism not only affects the multifaceted relations of the two states in international relations, but also carries a threat to global stability, posing a threat to the common international order. Given the recent trend towards globalization in world politics, from the perspective of both military, political and economic points of views, it can be argued that this situation creates a rather difficult situation for isolated states such as North Korea as to relations with other states. The main purpose of this article is to conceptualize the existing threat to the international order by analysing the strategic policy between North Korea and the United States, a global power that plays a threat to the global order in international relations and is isolated in global politics. The article first provides an overview of the relations between the United States and North Korea in the framework of the historical concept, which has existed for many years in the international order, and then analyses this historical concept. As the next process, the article analyses the nuclear weapons factor in the strategic policy between the United States and North Korea within the framework of this history of the two states, as well as the foreign policy arising from this factor.

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Ali Mirzazade

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