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Caucasian House is important model for establishing peace in South Caucasus

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The Caucasian House today is an important model for peace in the region, Araz Aslanli, director of the Caucasian Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies, said at the 1st Forum of Azerbaijan Think Tanks.

“Think Tanks of all three countries should work on peace proposals for peace in the Caucasus. It is also necessary to work on convincing society of the proposals of think tanks. Also, think tanks in the West and think tanks of the regional countries can create a platform for developing models in the direction of peace in the Caucasus,” said an Azerbaijani political expert.

Aslanli said that think tanks in the West could also be included in the process: “After the war, a joint platform of these states can be created in the peacebuilding process in the Caucasus. Azerbaijan can give orders to the domestic think tanks to prepare such a model. Then it is possible to expand this process.”

Araz Aslanlı

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